Meet Daniel Ayeni, A Full-Stack Developer

Meet Daniel Ayeni, A Full-Stack Developer

A few months ago, I decided to start building and sharing my web development journey with the public beyond GitHub. And this made me resurrect my blogging skills to share my learnings, projects, challenges and discoveries.

You can check my portfolio at for my projects.

What I am currently working on

Since transitioning to tech in 2021, I have worked on several projects in agile environments of remote teams.

In my little experience, I have interacted with other highly-skilled software engineers alongside product designers, project managers and product owners.

This year, 2023, I have been learning React Native to strengthen my mobile application development knowledge.

I intend to use the next two to three months to fine-tune my learning and become a cross-platform mobile application developer ninja.

My Tech Stacks

My tech stacks include JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next.js, and Node.

I am also great at internet research, prompt engineering with generative AI and technical writing.

See you around… Cheers!